I had a little fun with the idea of the Lost characters each answering the question "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Sawyer: To get conned on the other side.

Jack: What does it matter? There's no such thing as destiny. He chose to do it and that's that.

Ed Mars: To hide on the other side. But he'll never escape!

Sayid: Give me five minutes with him and I will find out.

Arzt: I don't know why you crossed the road chicken, but whatever you do over there, don't touch the dynamite.

Ana Lucia: Because he's one of them

Christian: There is no 'now' here. There is no road, no chicken, and no people. There is only me. And my whiskey.

Daniel: That chicken was my constant...

Miles: ~listens to the ground~ I can tell you. For 3.2 million dollars.

Widmore: You'll never amount to anything, you know, even if you do cross that road.

Libby: To have a picnic on the other side.

Sun: The chicken is leaving her chicks behind in order to find her husband.

Frank Lapidus: He's not going to Guam, is he?

Mikhail: The chicken grew tired of playing games. He wanted to take it to the next level!

Claire: That chicken took Aaron!

Kate: That chicken took my baby!

Aaron: I thought Carole Littleton was my mom.

Charlie: Terrific.

Eloise: Whatever happened happened. That chicken was always going to cross the road and nothing can change it.

Pierre: Don't you understand! That chicken will unravel everything we've worked for!

Jin: 태양의 아버지가 내게 말을 하셨 으니까 (Because Sun's father ordered it to)

Jacob: He can walk to the other side, but he cannot leave.

Keamy: Come back here little chicken. Heh heh. You know, I make really good eggs....

Frogurt: My name is Neil!

Michael: Walt! He took Walt!

Juliet: He just wants to go home. Can't we just let him go home?

Ben: I didn't convince him to cross that road. I swear.

Alex: Here chicken, you'll need this. ~gives the chicken a gun~

Rose: Bernard and I don't have any time to get involved in your chickens, or your chicken conspiracies. Just leave us be. Come along Bernard.

Bernard: To henpeck on the other side.

Dogen: ~looks at the chicken suspiciously and surrounds himself with ash~

Richard Malkin: I predict if he continues to cross the road, it will be a disaster for everyone.

Walt: Strange. I just imagined a chicken crossing the road, and now it's happening.

Locke: I wish that chicken had listened to me...

Zoe: How should I know? I'm a geophysist, not a philosopher.

Charlotte: I have a memory of a strange bearded man. He told me that one day a chicken would cross this very road.

Shannon: Because he saw Walt and nobody believed him

Ilana: Jacob sent me to protect that chicken.

Boone: He's crossing to rescue his sister from a bad relationship

Desmond: You'll never escape brotha! We're living in a snow globe!

Hurley: Dude. The only chicken I understand is Mr. Cluck's twelve piece bucket.

Bram: Come back here chicken. We're the good guys!

Radzinski: Stop that chicken! He saw the design of the swan station!

Smoke monster: ~spark spark spark~ ~crackle~ ~spark~

Penny: Chicken, I don't understand? Is this because of my father?

Richard: The chicken knows we are in hell.

Naomi: Chicken, come back...I swear I am here to rescue you!

Roger: Chicken, I know, right? They made you a janitor too, didn't they?

Darlton: We know, but can't tell you!

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