Does anyone think it's possible that McLoophole could be Napolean?

I admit I don't have a lot of evidence, and it's more than a little farfetched, but I can't shake the idea.

+ Obviously Mcloophole was exiled at some point, to the island.

+ When Dr. Linus was teaching history in the last episode he mentioned Napoleon. He also mentioned an 'island'. It's not like the writers to inject something like that without meaning.

+ The timing is right, regarding when McLoophole and Jacob chatted by the beach and watched Richard's ship. He could have been exiled there for several years prior to Richard's ship.

+He talks about wanting to go 'home'. Many of us thought it was the temple at first, but now we know it's somewhere off island. What if it's France?

+ Isn't it strange that Jacob, Claire, and Richard never called him by name? And yet, McLoophole told Ben that he used to be a man once. The only reason for not using his name (if he has a name) is so the audience doesn't hear it.

I am not saying that I endorse this theory necessarily. But it did get me thinking. Did anyone else consider this, or am I the only insane one here?

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