You know how those alternative bands have those strange 'Frosted Horsefly' or 'the Nailworms'? A couple years ago I made a list of band names based on Lost, just for fun (it's where my screenname came from). I've added a couple new ones based on season 5. Here is the list. Comment on your favorites, or post some of your own! bright lights: "Coming soon, performing LIVE, it's..."

Ambidextrous Polar Bear

Kilt Wearing Button Pushers

Henry Gale Baloonatics

Bernard in Space

The Shannon Chin Lowering Project

Seeing my own Ghost

Lick the Hatch

Ben spins a Dreidel

Other Geeks

Saddling Kate's Horse

Tickling the Smoke

Saeed Wears Boxers

Dharma Dipstick Explosion

Pass the Mary Statue

Juliet is my Mom

DJ Jazzy Mikhail and the Shock Sonata

Casimir Peanut

Christian Shephard on a Stick

Vincent is my Constant

Sawyer In a box

Hot Ben Vomit

Ethan Snorts a Firecracker

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Doodoo

Pickled Kate in Insanity Sauce

Birds that Say Hurley

Dope Desmond and the Beef experience

Subliminal Jin

Dharma Staff Burping Impotence

I Saw a Cow

Hurley In Chains

Faraday Can't Dance

Marvin Candle Makes a Sandwich

Obsolete Wheelchair

Repeating French Urchin Flakes

Flash Forward Confusion

Time Shifting with Aaron

Anthony Cooper Cons Rampart

I ate flight 815

Pregnancy Immunity Envy

We aren't everybody

Desmond's Cereal Blizzard Vision

Pillow Stealing Others

Smoke Monster Permission Slip

Walt and the Narcoleptic Waffle Dodgers

Electromagnetism Sap Factory

Hurley's Picnic Frustration

Hanso Asylum Hydrant

Anna Lucia and the Liquid Nazi Root Canals

Purple Sky Pastry

Kidney Refund

Jack and the Exploding Macaroon Dancers

I Sneezed on Charlotte

Serendipity Blow Torch

Desmond's Carpal Tunnel Meltdown

Charles Widmore Armpit Tarts

Oceanic Six in a Maze

Die Alone Soup

Button Pushing Suicide Jerks

The Miles Grenade Swallowing Plan

Button Pushing for Dollars

Nosebleed Sympathy

Mister Eko Grape Choking Accident

Not Penny's Coat

A Gypsy Turns the Key

Ben Swindles a Caveman

Loophole Manglers

I Toppled the Statue

Operatic Bram

Ajira Lentils

Boar Cub Hologram

Richard Bigotry

Uncle Jacob

Nemesis Noodle Hut

Down the Hatch

Daniel Hawking is my Name

Jacob Fish Fry Waitresses

Three Cheese Alana and the Phantom Armadillos

Aghast Kate

Phil's Unibrow Tribunal

Utopia Pelt

Whatever Happened Lizard

Island Bum

What Lies in the Shadow of the Mary Statue

Eloise Pulp

Flaming Frogurt a la mode

Widmore Rhombus Almonds

Seaside Aloe Petters

Radzinsky's Fireside Sonnet

Dimension Recognition

Complex Mangos

Penny Discord and the Sinkhole Octet

Jughead Burial Adulation

Island Carcass Clubhouse

Horace Plurality

Mr. Paik's Eye Imbalance

Chang's Disco Inferno

Keamy's Shakespeare Musings

Hatch Fellowship

Looking Glass Vulnerabilities

The Incident Makers

Rock Smashing Disappointment

Dharma Shortstop

Hawking Chestnut Polytechnic

Sun's 70's Rejection Shakedown

Whisper Rebuttal

Foamy Frank and the Larder Tinge

Other Boomerang Chuckers

Inglorious Claire

Canned Bram

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