This is in reference to Ryanlost's post: Did Kate redeem herself?

Kate pulling that trigger is an interesting topic because the writers could have had any of them do it...and there's such a love/hate thing with Kate and the audience. I really wish the writers didn't go that direction. Ben would have been much better, since he killed Jacob and he was in greater need of redemption. Kate pulling the trigger rang a bit hollow with me.

As far as the Kate bashing. The reason there are so many Kate bashers out there is twofold: 1) Her character is one dimensional, especially compared to everyone else. 2) She has a way of being annoying and getting a pass. Almost as if the writers are forcing "Kate's magnetism" on everybody.

Think of it this way, in season six we see the exact same thing from her as in season one. At the temple "I'll go after Sawyer." Or she's telling Sawyer not to kill Jack, or she's telling Jack she wants to bring Claire back home. There's no personal growth anywhere in there, it's all ancillary nonsense. Even in her sideways (her afterlife), she's doing the same thing: running from the FBI, getting caught, running, rinse and repeat.

"Darlton" joked about being asked about that toy airplane in season one, fans saying "there must be hidden microfilm in there or something!" otherwise why would her behavior have been so ...(I'll be nice) strange; risking everything by lying to Jack about the gun box, etc.

Kate's annoyances and shortcomings were really exposed when Juliet showed up. When the viewer sees the side by side of how the two bounced between Jack and Sawyer, Kate was selfish and frivolous, whereas Juliet was all about the bigger picture. Even to the point of sacrificing herself.

In other parts of Kate's life she is consistently abhorrent...she took Aaron, but in caring for him she doesn't make the deal with her mother for her freedom, out of selfishness. She would rather Aaron be orphaned than give in to her mother's demands to see her grandson before she dies. She screams at Jack not to "ever mention my son's name", and then later makes Jack promise never to ask where she brought Aaron to (when she brought Aaron to Claire's mom). Oy vey....

I can't run through the whole list here, but this sort of behavior prevails throughout all seasons. Any doubters, just watch the first episode of this last season. When she screams at Jack to stop giving Sayid CPR, you'll wish you could step into the episode and hand Jack some Excedrin and duct tape.

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