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    I had a little fun with the idea of the Lost characters each answering the question "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Sawyer: To get conned on the other side.

    Jack: What does it matter? There's no such thing as destiny. He chose to do it and that's that.

    Ed Mars: To hide on the other side. But he'll never escape!

    Sayid: Give me five minutes with him and I will find out.

    Arzt: I don't know why you crossed the road chicken, but whatever you do over there, don't touch the dynamite.

    Ana Lucia: Because he's one of them

    Christian: There is no 'now' here. There is no road, no chicken, and no people. There is only me. And my whiskey.

    Daniel: That chicken was my constant...

    Miles: ~listens to the ground~ I can…

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  • JulietIsMyMom

    David is Jack

    June 9, 2010 by JulietIsMyMom

    Apologies in advance if this has been discussed already.

    The idea of Jack having a son in the afterlife/samsara/sideways is one of the most interesting things about this season. He's the son of /the/ major character. However, he didn't really exist. In Jack's life on earth he had no son. So the question is, who is David? The writers never gave us an explicit answer.

    I say that David is Jack. If you watch the interaction and overall storyline of David and Jack, it's really Jack being father to himself in a way that resolves all of the issues he had with Christian. In the sideways, David represents Jack as a child and Jack walks in Christian's footsteps and comes through as a good father. He was able to finally 'be there' for his son b…

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    This is in reference to Ryanlost's post: Did Kate redeem herself?

    Kate pulling that trigger is an interesting topic because the writers could have had any of them do it...and there's such a love/hate thing with Kate and the audience. I really wish the writers didn't go that direction. Ben would have been much better, since he killed Jacob and he was in greater need of redemption. Kate pulling the trigger rang a bit hollow with me.

    As far as the Kate bashing. The reason there are so many Kate bashers out there is twofold: 1) Her character is one dimensional, especially compared to everyone else. 2) She has a way of being annoying and getting a pass. Almost as if the writers are forcing "Kate's magnetism" on everybody.

    Think of it this …

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    One of the biggest mysteries to me is that small slice of time right after McLoophole and Sayid had their confrontation. Whatever was said/done to Sayid changed him. I'm starting to think that McLoophole exposed Sayid to the other timeline, showing him what he wanted--Nadia was alive. Sayid came to terms with the fact that the island timeline wasn't real, and eventually he'd shift there.

    Desmond's behavior is what hit me. "What's the point in being afraid?" Dez has seen the other side and suddenly enters this "zen" if he no longer cares about the island timeline. Likewise, Sayid has issues with emotion/caring/etc. It's possible that they both have seen the other timeline and have 'checked out' so to speak. Their behavior…

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  • JulietIsMyMom

    My theory is that Jacob had some sort of traumatic experience in his past, resulting in him being split in two. Possibly the island energy, possibly an angry mother with supernatural's impossible to guess on the 'how'. But the idea is that the bad/evil/malevolence (or whatever) was removed from him in the form of spiritual energy (smoke). So now there is one good person (Jacob) and one bad person (McLoophole), only McLoophole is not really a person--he /used/ to be a person. This is why Jacob never addresses him by name, why they have the white rock/black rock inside joke, why McLoophole can't kill him (except through his loophole), and why that young kid spooked McLoophole (as Locke). Because that kid /was/ him...before t…

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