--Jrenee 15:32, February 18, 2010 (UTC)The great thing about this show is it makes you think, but sometimes I think we tend to over think a little. I’ve read other posts about Sawyer and why he went with Flocke and some seem a little farfetched. People are forgetting who Sawyer is and the things he has done for 5 seasons.

All of our main characters have “something” that makes them important. Jack is always wanting to fix things, Hurley seeing dead people…yada yada. Some peoples special “something’s” have been highlighted more than others, but there is a reason for everything. From day one, Sawyer has been the con man and so far we’ve really only seen his conning ways be used to con people to get guns and other unimportant things. He also used his conning ways to trick Dharma into letting the left behind losties stay on the island and he was so good at it that Dharma accepted this group of people into the Dharma world and Sawyer of all people became head of security which kinda turned into redemption in a way because although it was based on a lie, he became a stand up guy. Sure Sawyer got all mushy on us and became the nice guy and fell in love, but once a con man, always a con man. No matter what has happened to him, that is who he is. He is a smart guy who is always on his toes, always seeing ways to exploit situations to his advantage. He knows something is up with Flock and can recognize him as being a con man as well. He knows some tom foolery is going on. He was at the temple when they found out Jacob was dead and freaked out, he knows Sayid was dead, then came back to life, he knows Locke is not Locke, he had that quick conversation with a beat up, and scared Richard in the jungle, and having dealt with Richard in the past, he is well aware that something major is about to go down. All things considered, I really don’t think he is just a broken man now and went with Flock blindly thinking he was really going to get answers. Sure he is probably curious, but real Locke was the guy that would blindly follow someone for answers, not Sawyer. A con man has to sit back and observe the situation and explore all of his possible angles, and once he is ready….let the long con begin. I think we will see Sawyer hanging out with Flocke and “seem” like he is going along with him, but in the end, Sawyer will pull off the con of a lifetime that will be a key factor to whatever the end game of this show is going to be. We will finally see that Sawyer’s character was more than just the hot guy with funny one liners and nick names, or the other guy in a love triangle. We will finally learn why Sawyer being a con man was important to the story line in the world of lost. Note to Flock….bad move taking Sawyer dude. You can’t con a con man.

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