• Jolly9

    This makes me angry

    August 3, 2010 by Jolly9

    I was on the abc lost page watching old episodes and i found a page titled "Top 5 Characters Voted by Fans"

    1.Karl 2.Tom Friendly 3.Aaron 4.Jack 5.Paulo

    Now Karl and Tom aren't bad characters but they don't deserve the 1 and 2 spot, and Aaron is just a baby he doesn't really do anything, and please don't make me start about Paulo

    This just makes me thankful that we have a website with users who take lost a bit more seriously.

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  • Jolly9

    Just a thought . . .

    July 13, 2010 by Jolly9

    Personally i thought some of the biggest problems with the 6th season was how short it was and the huge gap between when ben, miles, and richard, left and when they came back in the story

    The producers could have fixed that with a miles centric episode that could have involved some minor unexplained things like the supply drop and what happened to chang.

    And the flash-sideways (or afterlife) could have michael, or daniel playing a more important part

    Any thoughts?

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