• Johnknolling

    This isn't a theory, just an interesting observation I had.

    Both Mother and the MIB state that people come, fight, destroy, and corrupt. Yet they themselves seem to be at the root of most of the betrayal/destruction/corruption that happens on the island. The village from Across the Sea was destroyed by Mother, not by anyone else.

    And much of the deaths of the show have been orchestrated by the MIB. Sure, Ben chose to betray the Dharma Initiative, but he did so because the MIB appeared to him as his mother, which would cause Ben to seek out the Hostiles, become found by Richard, and then to later betray them during the Purge. Through Ben, the MIB successfully eliminated the entire Dharma Initiative.

    And what the hell, a theory about Jacob's c…

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  • Johnknolling

    Pandora's Box

    March 25, 2010 by Johnknolling

    Lost has been making us question who the 'good guys' throughout it's entire run. Every person interested in the island always believes they are in the right. First it was the Others, then the DHARMA Initiative, both believing they were the 'good guys'.

    Now we have Jacob and the MIB, and though it's easy to see one as good and one as evil due to the black/white=good/evil symbols, the show has made a point of showing that Jacob can be just manipulative as the MIB.

    Jacob's main difference with the MIB is that he believes people have the chance to be good, whereas the MIB believes that people are inherently destructive. The MIB manipulates people into joining his cause, and is not afraid to kill people when he needs to. This seems to make him ev…

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