• Johnistrippin

    so i was doing a re watch of the fourth season and something occured to me. you know how widmore staged the wreck of 815 and it said on tv that ALL 324 passangers' bodies were still there? so how do they explain when the oceanic six show up alive? doesnt everyone think that they are dead? how do they explain that?

    anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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  • Johnistrippin

    my all time favorite composed song in lost is locked out again.

    it has the best theme and title and composition.

    it is also a phenominal song.

    what is your favorite LOST Song?

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  • Johnistrippin

    so i was rewatching season 2 yesterday and in Orientation, when desmond is running away from the hatch and jack starts chasing him, he says something like stop, and then "YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT YOURE RUNNING FROM". when he says this, his voice cracks so much. it is really funny. anyone else ever noticed this one or any other voice cracks in LOST?

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  • Johnistrippin

    well, its over. it was the best experience of my life.

    there were many memorable conversations and moments.

    but one really stands out.

    "why do you find it so hard to believe?" "WHY DO YOU FIND IT SO EASY?" "IT'S NEVER BEEN EASY!!!"

    this is just a moment to remember in lost history.

    its both inspirational and emotional.

    i suggest rewatching the early season 2 moment and seeing for yourself.

    what are your favorite moments or conversations?

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  • Johnistrippin

    please update all the pages on the site according to what happened in the series finale.

    hardly any of the pages are updated like the timelines.

    this is a crisis.

    i would do it except i have better things to do with my time.

    could someone please do this?

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