I don't know if this has been brought up, but I don't believe it has. Recently watching "Cabin Fever" of season 4, I noticed something that didn't make much sense to me. When Locke finds out in his dream that Horace was building the cabin for Jacob and when he found the cabin map on Horace's dead body, I began to wonder why would Horace build the cabin for Jacob in the first place. As far as we know, only the others answer to Jacob, so WHYwould Horace be building Jacob's cabin??? Here is what I think. Horace was told to build the cabin by Jacob after Horace died kind of like Horace being reserected to do so, or he was an advisor or whatever for Jacob (kind of like Christian if you believe he is). This wouldn't make much sense though because Locke found the constuction map of the cabin on Horace's corpse. Another theory for this is that Jacob told Richard to have Horace build it. Maybe this deal came about due to the fact that the DI broke the truce once again, and if the others wanted something in return (just like when they took Paul's body in "Lafleur"), maybe he asked Horace to build the cabin. Or I could be completely wrong about both of these theorys due to the fact that Horace told Locke in his dream that he was building a place for "me and the misses". Maybe after Horace died, Jacob decided to move into this cozy little cabin, and make it his home. Who knows? Maybe this will be brought up in the future of Lost before the show is over. What do you guys think?

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