I have a question for you all? What do you think is the greatest episode of Lost you have ever seen? I know, I know, there are SO many to choose from, but just tell me what you think is the best. It doesn't matter what episode you think is the best or greatest ever as long as you believe it is. That is the point of this blog. Just say the name of the episode (or what it was about if you can't remember :D), and then say why you liked this episode. I think the greatest episode ever was The Shape Of Things To Come in season 4 when the mercenaries stormed the barracks. I liked this episode because it had a lot of great action in it, and i get excited whenever i see it too. And if you can't just choose one then just give me the 5 greatest episodes ever of Lost. Thanks. I can't wait to see what all of you think.

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