Recently watching season 4 and the episode "The Constant", I noticed something that might be conected to season 5. When Minkowski and Desmond's consiences get sent back in time due to the fact that they went of the bearings that Faraday told them to stay on, they started to bleed from the nose, and Minkowski even died from it. Hmmmm... seems like the same goes on for our Losties in season 5 that were still on the island too. Charlotte died because her brain couldn't handle the time travel it was going through just like Minkowski. Did the producers plan this thing to happen all the way back in season 4? I know their noses began to bleed under different circumstances (them going off of the bearings and the wheel being taken off of its axis), but both groups of people's consiences were traveling through time, so this could've caused the nosebleeds and their brains being fried. Any ideas about this?

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