Top 15 Most Tearjerking Moments Revised

As of "Sundown"

15. Sun says goodbye to Jin before the launching of the raft, and the launching of the raft.- Exodus Part 1 (season 1)

14. Charlie is found hung by a tree.- All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (season 1)

13. Ben is remembered of Alex's death when he is being judged by the monster.- Dead Is Dead (season 5)

12. Michael cries on the raft pontoon, then tells Sawyer he is going to get Walt back.- Adrift (season 2)

11. Charlie tells Desmond about the "greatest hits" on the canoe, then dives down to his eventual death.- Greatest Hits (season 3)

10. Sawyer shares about meeting Christian with Jack while he cuts trees in the forest.- Exodus Part 1 (season 1)

9. Hurley's speech about Charlie before he goes with Locke.- The Beginning Of The End (season 4)

8. Sun cries at Jin's tomb while holding Ji Yeon.- Ji Yeon (season 4)

7. Locke's kidney is stolen from him, and he pounds on the hatch after he brings Boone to Jack.- Deus Ex Machina (season 1)

6. Boone dies after telling Jack to give up on him.- Do No Harm (season 1)

5. Keamy kills Alex right in front of Ben after Ben doesn't save her.- The Shape Of Things To Come (season 4)

4. Locke is told he can't go on his walkabout tour.- Walkabout (season 1)

3. Charlie drowns inside of the Looking Glass station.- Through The Looking Glass (season 3)

2. Desmond and Penny have their touching Christmas phone call.- The Constant (season 4)

1. Juliet looses hold of Sawyer's hand and is pulled down the drilling hole.- The Incident (season 5)

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