I don't know if this has been brought up yet or if discussed yet, but i want to address it to all of you. When I was recently watching "The Life And Death of Jeremy Bentham", I was intrigued when Walt told Locke that he was having dreams about him and that he was in a suit and there were people that wanted to hurt him. Nobody on the 316 flight has wanted to hurt Locke YET! Do you think that if he does return to Hydra island (or when possibly the 316 gang goes to the island and eventually finds him, which seems more reasonable because Illana said they were leaving and Sawyer, Locke, and company also came upon the Ajira bottle and canoes and were being shot at) that they will try to kill Locke??? Or do you think Walt was having dreams further beyond this season, and some group may want to hurt him next season (possibly in the war against good and evil)? Please, tell me what your thoughts are. Sorry if this is hard to follow. It's a little sloppy. :-P

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