Great episode title by the way. Wow! What an episode! First we see Michael since forever ago, which was good to see. Then Illana gets blown up! I did not see that coming at all! I thought it was good for the remainder of the season though because I didn't want her making all of the decisions for our Losties. In the FST, Desmond gets Hurley to see flashes of our normal timeline, which is just one more person he's got in on this, as well as Libby. Back on the island, Hurley blows up the Black Rock! After seeing it for so long, it is finally gone! Richard, Ben, and Miles split from Hurley, Frank, Sun, and Jack, so I wonder when they will all meet up again? Hurley finds out for all of us what the whispers really are, which is so cool. MIB meets up with Desmond, brings him out to the well where the frozen donkey wheel is I belive, and pushes him in! MIB and Desmond also see that mysterious boy again that MIB somehow knows. Hurley and the gang meet up with MIBs crew (Jack and Locke's conversation is going to be good). And finally, in the FST, Desmond goes to a new extreme and jacks Locke up with his car! He is obviously is doing this to get him and Jack see the flashes, but that was just crazy for him to do that! Overall, another great episode. Many great things happened in this episode, and the end is looking to be good! What do you guys think about the episode and all of the stuff that was in it? Would love to hear whatever you guys think.

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