I believe that Charles Widmore never truely liked Jacob when he was leader of the island. Being leader of the others, I think that Widmore was able to meet with Jacob, but for some reason he didn't really aprove of Jacob's ways. Evidence for this statement is seen when he knew he was breaking the rules by having a relationship with another woman off the island, which eventually led to his banishment. I do think he was approached by the Man in Black when he was on the island and was manipulated by him to help him find his loophole. This is evident by when Widmore tells John after he is transported to the Tunisian Desert, and he tells him that there is a war coming to the island, and that if he isn't there, the wrong side is going to win, meaning that Jacob is going to win, not MIB. He got Locke to persuade everyone to come to the island, which led to him being killed by Ben, which led to MIB finding his loophole. The war is MIB versus Jacob, and Charles Widmore is on MIB side as seen by Widmore getting Locke killed so the war can truely begin. Widmore is a bad guy. Any thoughts on this blog post?

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