• John Locke rocks

    Favorite Seasons

    September 1, 2010 by John Locke rocks

    I know this has been discussed several times before, but I never caught it back then. What are your favorite seasons ranked best to worst? Mine would be...

    1. (Favorite) Season 5

    2. Season 6

    3. Season 1

    4. Season 4

    5. Season 3

    6. (Least Favorite) Season 2

    What would your order be? Feel free to explain why if you want to.

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  • John Locke rocks

    Cranston and Paul

    August 31, 2010 by John Locke rocks

    Just curious, but how good are Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad? From what I've seen, Cranston seems to have been one of the worst of the 6 Best Lead Actor nominees in my opinion. And Aaron Paul better be pretty damn good to beat out O'Quinn and Emerson. I thought that was the most dissapointing loss of the night. I doubt he is as good as those two, and they just got flat out robbed! Especially O'Quinn because I thought he would've had the best performance of all of the Best Supporting Actor nominees, but apparently not. :-(

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  • John Locke rocks

    Better Backstory?

    August 18, 2010 by John Locke rocks

    Ben's in The Man Behind the Curtain or Richard's in Ab Aeterno?

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  • John Locke rocks

    Matthew Fox

    July 21, 2010 by John Locke rocks

    I just finished watching A Tale of Two Cities, the Season 3 premiere, and I just thought Matthew Fox was amazing! I can see why the producers had to have him on the show. I thought he was really good through seasons 1 thru 3, then he and his character started to decline thru seasons 4 and 5, but he returned to his normal self once again for the final season! I was happy to see he was nominated for an Emmy this time around, and I wish him the best of luck. What do you guys think of Matthew Fox and his great acting?

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  • John Locke rocks

    What are some of your guy's favorite beautiful, heart warming moments from LOST? My number one moment would have to be the ending in the church. It was just a beautiful scene where everyone was just so happy together. My second favorite moment is the launching of the raft in season 1. It just made you have hope for these survivors, and the music was just so epic. A couple of other moments that should recieve honorable mention include Hurley getting the Dharma van to run again, and Rose and Bernard's/ Jin and Sun's reunion in season 2. What are your picks?

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