• JohnQPoster

    -If you were sent back to the 1970s like some characters on the show, and you were 'trapped' on the island, why wouldn't you try to leave yourself a note to find when your plane crashed there in the future? How would you go about attempting to keep a note safe and in some sort of marker that you would find?

    I would go to the first place I clearly remember and plant the note in a metal pipe and seal the ends, it would look like a pipe bomb. I would then cast a tall curb in cement there (in the future, I would trip over it) and write 'dig here, note in pipe' in the cement.

    -What would you say in your note, 'Henry Gale is a lier, his name is Ben Linus.' might be a good start.

    The most difficult thing would be; when I was done with the note and h…

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  • JohnQPoster

    Jacob Vs MIB Theory

    April 30, 2010 by JohnQPoster

    The Man in Black has been referred to as a security system, if there were some sort of evil on Earth Jacob might want the MIB released upon the evil to kill it.

    The first people to the island would have been ancients such as Indians and Vikings they would have rowed up in canoes. They would have been good people and they would have thrived on the island, the entire time possibly making preparations for more people to come ashore. Figuring that others may wash up as they had and would surely want to stay and when they got here we would have extra shelter and food for them. Even Greeks -- Trojans would have just sat back in a hammock and tried to grow fruit for wine. I suppose they would have their disputes, there would have been some bad peo…

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