• Joe Hubris

    I simply had to lay them out.

    • Where did it come from?
    • Why was it built?
    • What is it? Is it a geographic feature, or an artifact?
    • Who were the first inhabitants of the island?

    • What is the "source?" Is it something natural on the island or was it put there by someone/something?
    • What is the relationship between it and the smoke monster?
    • What is the connection between the source, the whispers, the time traveling, the dead on the island, the healing properties?

    • Why were there so many Egyptian references in the show? These include countless hieroglyphs, the lighthouse and counter on the swan station. Why did the others speak Latin?

    • Who built the temple? Was it there before Jacob and his brother arrived on the island? Was it there before their mother…

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  • Joe Hubris

    This is my first and last blog.

    I loved both the high-quality writing and acting as well as the mysterious--downright creepy--mythology of the show. There is no question I was more into the latter than the former.

    There are many well done shows on TV (Madmen comes to mind) which I do not watch. A show has to have something more to get me to tune in. For six season, Lost had that. I was completely blown away by the first 2 season. A lot of comments on here have stressed the "spiritual" aspects of the show and how the ending addressed them. I agree.

    But that's only half the story.

    The episode was named "Man of Science/Man of Faith." Not just "Man of Faith." To those who say the show was always about the relationships. I will take a mome…

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