• Jmason

    omfg im rewatching all seasons of prison break and like im on series four and the guy who plays jacob and the guy who plays that geezer in black on the beach are both in it like 1 episodes apart

    and then ethans init on the last episode

    and that annbelle the sheriff of the others she is in it in series 2

    omg i know its not important but i thought i had to say

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  • Jmason

    Adam and eve

    September 4, 2009 by Jmason

    Yes i know theres a blog about this like 10 down but ohwell

    ADAM AND EVE = Benjamin and Annie

    anyone else think so

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  • Jmason


    July 30, 2009 by Jmason

    Have the Di managed to get all the houses and metal and concerate and cars and everything else they have on the island to the island

    its really bugging me

    like seriously all they had was a sub

    that cant carry that much

    some one explain

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  • Jmason

    In season 1 when locke saw the "monster" (we never saw it) he said he saw the heart of the island and it was buetiful but then in thye last episode when the monster grabed him and took him to the temple he was scared and then in ep 1 of season 2 he told kate he couldent belive what was grabing him "the black smoke"

    so what did he see the 1st time

    jacob ???

    or ?????

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  • Jmason

    A white shoe

    July 9, 2009 by Jmason

    I watch re watching series 1 pilot 1 and after jack wakes up and runs to the beach the camera focuses on a bamboo branch type thingy

    and on it is a white shoe

    Any one know who this shoe belongs to and why the camera shows it

    maybe christians

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