My Top 50 Unasnwered Questions

Jimmyt January 29, 2010 User blog:Jimmyt

While I recognize that not all of our questions will be answered, as Damon and Carlton have stated, I have thought that it would be sad if some of the main questions that have arisen during the show were not answered or sufficiently answered. That being said, I know there are “big” mysteries and then just little “nagging “questions.

Along with my own questions over the last 5 years and obviously scouring Lostpedia’s content (including “unanswered questions” from various sections) I’ve composed my Top 50 list of questions I wish would get answered? These are in no particular order…

1 - The monster (and related visions it appears to provide)

2 - The whispers that occur when the Others show up

3 - What is the origin of the Others and their leadership?

4 - The whole pregnancy issue

5 - The cabin (moving locations, the ash circle, who said “help me” to John, the odd contents in the cabin)

6 - Who are Adam and Eve (what is the purpose of the black and white stones found on them)?

7 - How did the Black Rock end up in the middle of the island (if not from the island reappearing under it)?

8 - Why did Charles want the Black Rock’s ships log?

9 - Who was Henry Gale?

10 - Was there actually a “sickness” (i.e. need for quarantine and vaccine?)

11 - The Statue (it’s origin, existence and destruction)

12 - Aaron’s importance (as told by the psychic)

13 - The total nature of Walt’s powers

14 - Claire (where is she and why did she leave Aaron?)

15 - Libby’s past (Santa Rosa, her mysterious past including her husband who died?)

16 - Was Ben’s “vision” of his mother a manifestation of the monster?

17 - What happened to Ben’s friend Annie?

18 - How did Sawyer and Kate both see “her horse” (monster?)

19 - What exactly happened with Cindy and the kid survivors who went to the Others?

20 - Richard’s lack of aging (and his origin)?

21 - Why the constant theme of amputations (and the glass eye found in the Arrow Station)

22 - What is the relation between Seth and Frank and why did Seth replace him on the flight?

23 - What is the nature of the people that Sayid assassinated for Ben?

24 - Was Nadia’s death an accident or murder as originally suggested by Ben?

25 - What are the rules between Widmore and Ben?

26 - Why did Desmond have visions of the future after the implosion at the Swan? (Why was he naked?)

27 - What exactly happened to the body of Christian after the crash?

28 - What is the true meaning of the Numbers and the Valenzetti Equation?

29 - Who was Jack’s ex (Sara) seeing after they split?

30 - Who is Jin’s father? (is it important at all?)

31 - How did Kate figure out that Cassidy and Sawyer know each other? (i.e. Why didn’t Cassidy and Kate discuss how much a coincidence it was – their miraculous connections to each other)?

32 - Why did visions of Walk include “him being wet” and him “talking backwards”?

33 - Why did Sun and Frank go to a different time than the rest of the original survivors?

34 - What is the origin of the frozen wheel and the well above it?

35 - Who is Charlotte’s father (does it matter?)

36 - Why does Daniel have a different last name from this parent(s)?

37 - Who are Illana and Bram’s group?

38 - What is Eloise Hawking’s connection to Brother Campbell (monastery)?

39 - Who is Penelope’s mother? (does it matter?)

40 - Why is Ethan Rom’s last name not Goodspeed? (does it matter?)

41 - How did Widmore and Eloise become part of the Others?

42 - Who built the sonar fence and how did they know it would control the monster?

43 - What is exactly the purpose and origin of the Temple?

44 - Should we assume the polar bear in the Tunisian desert was all due to time travel?

45 - What is the status of Alvar Hanso?

46 - What is the status of the DeGroots?

47 - Who is the Man in Black – what is his origin and powers?

48 - Who is/was Jacob – what is his origin and powers?

49 - What was the exact purpose of Room 23?

50 - Why were the supply drops still occurring on the island (by whom and how)?

Jimmyt 14:56, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

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