• Jimmyt

    What Kate Did... Does...

    February 4, 2010 by Jimmyt

    I'm sure many of you caught the title of Episode 2, Season 6... "What Kate Does". You will recall in Season 2, we learned about much of Kate's backstory in the episode "What Kate Did"... curious how much the stories will parallel each other... of course with different aspects due to the L.A. v. Sydney aspects and of course Claire is in the cab with Kate in L.A. Jimmyt 14:19, February 4, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Jimmyt

    While I recognize that not all of our questions will be answered, as Damon and Carlton have stated, I have thought that it would be sad if some of the main questions that have arisen during the show were not answered or sufficiently answered. That being said, I know there are “big” mysteries and then just little “nagging “questions.

    Along with my own questions over the last 5 years and obviously scouring Lostpedia’s content (including “unanswered questions” from various sections) I’ve composed my Top 50 list of questions I wish would get answered? These are in no particular order…

    1 - The monster (and related visions it appears to provide)

    2 - The whispers that occur when the Others show up

    3 - What is the origin of the Others and their leader…

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