This blog is more for me to get my thinking down, but also for those that aren't sure how amazing this episode was in the whole Lost adventure

1) We learnt that Jacob and MIB were brought to the Island

2) They were touched the step mother and this made them unable to hurt each other and explains in part where the rules came from - I've seen people moaning that they could beat each other up, but it's more they can't kill each other, just look at Jack and Sawyer fighting, it's the same thing. They were touched by Jacob, MIB and Jacob were by the step mum. They can hurt each other, but not kill each other

3) Smokey was created by his soul being seperated from his body in the light tunnel

4) The source of the Island is paramount. MIB first, Dharma and the Swan since have tried to manipulate the source since

5) MIB getting of the Island means that the light goes out. MIB is selfish and only wants out

6) Adam and Eve are MIB and the Step Mom

7) We found out about the donkey wheel and it's powers

8) The step mum and Jacob ended up the same and this is why they could both be killed by the knife. They are guardians of the Island

9) Of all of the candidates, only one of them can be the guardian

10) People are brought to the Island to help continue the protection of the Island, but with the knowledge that those that come with them will come to corrupt and benefit from the Island for selfish reasons

11) Jacob was happy to die as he can be realised from his responsibility from the Island

12) We know why MIB is the way he is

I'm sure that there are many more, but for me this episode answered many questions (and big questions of the show). It seems that the current Losties are going to be the last group of people brought to the Island to go through this loop and maybe have now cracked the whole mystery, which is why we are seeing so much of the FST

Don't get me wrong we have plenty of answers still to come, but if we get this many answers in one episode, I'm sure we'll get plenty more in the next 3 episodes

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