Man, the end of season 5 was quality. So many answers, but yet so many more questions because of it. Is Jacob really dead, what does it mean that Ben has killed him, which side are illana and her team on, why are Charles and Ben set the same rules as Jacob and his nemisis about not being able to kill each other, why did Jacob meet the Oceanic 6 and why was Richard talking in Latin.

Anyway, my point is very small to all of this, but when we saw Juliet as a child, was it me or were the surroundings reflective of a more modern time, rather than when you would expect her to be a child considering she is in her late 30's. She should have been born around the 60's or 70's, yet it didn't look like this at all.

Could it be that either I'm thinking too much into this and they just didn't put any effort in (which I doubt they would) or was she born and then travelled back in time to be on the island. With only one season left I can't imagine they will be able to play on this too much, so I can only think that I've just thought way too much about it!!

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