A theory! Locke is DEAD! Heres why! The smoke can take the shape of any dead person! When Ben summons the Monster he goes out the front door and waits, he says it will be a minute! Sun is sitting on the porch! As you hear the rusting in the woods he tells Sun to get inside, because he can not control whats coming! Just then Locke comes from the woods. Hmmm! He tells Ben something like why wait I know where it is! (How does he know?) Once in the Temple Ben falls through the floor. Locke goes for help.. Ben looks around, then sees the markings on the wall. The smoke appears and Judges Ben. The smoke takes the form of his dead daughter.....The dead daughter tells him, he must do whatever Locke tells him to do. He must follow Locke and never question. Hmmm! Then the smoke disappears, and Locke reappears! Coincidence? I think not! The smoke has taken the form of Locke and now has control over Ben. Whats in the Bin? Those folks from the flight are protecting the bin. She asks the pilot...What lies beneath the shadow of the statue? These folks have been here before! Lockes dead body is in the bin! Or I might be way nuts!

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