Hello all. This idea started with a good discussion in the comments of one of Djr7's Re-watch blogs, and over the past couple weeks I've been figuring out whether or not this venture is worth a shot. Unfortunately, I had some ideas, and another fan fiction was born. This story is a "what if" sort of thing in which Eko will not die in The Cost of Living. It will follow the episode numbers already in place. Each chapter will have a couple episodes in it, depending on how present Eko is in the storyline. For the most part, I'm not going to be featuring minor dialogue changes made by Eko's presence, unless they're really cool. Some episodes will be skipped over altogether, and others will be removed for an Eko-centric episode (I'm looking at you, Expose). If I don't mentioning something, that means it didn't change (or I messed up!). On a personal note, this a first attempt at writing fiction of any sort, so critiques and comments are greatly appreciated, and hopefully it's not terrible...enjoy! --Jf518 20:48, June 28, 2010 (UTC)

The Cost of Living

(The last scene of this episode is where this rewrite will begin.)

Eko stumbles through the jungle, dehydration gives way to delirium. "Yemi! You say you want to hear my confession! Why? Show yourself! Where are you!" he says, falling to his knees in utter exhaustion.

Yemi appears by his side, looking down on Eko like God Himself. Folding his hands in front of him, Yemi says, "Are you ready, Eko?".

Eko clutches the cross around his neck and looks at it for a moment. Taking a deep breath, his eyes return to his brother's and he raises the cross, saying "I ask for no forgiveness, Father, for I have not sinned. I did not ask for the life I was given, but it was given nonetheless. And with it, I did my best."

Yemi looks down on the most terrified confession ever given with a devious smile on his face. "You speak to me as if I were your brother!"

"WHO ARE YOU? Why are you using Yemi's body?" Eko shouts in a wave of confusion, forgetting the fear that had brought him to his knees just a moment ago.

Straightening his stance, Yemi clears his throat in preparation for his speech. Calmly, he begins. "We may not be related, Eko, but we do have something in common. I too have been given a life I did not want. In that way, we are brothers. This is a special place, Eko, and it needs your help. I need your help. Miraculous things can happen here Eko, and I can show them to you in time."

Eko tries to maintain consciousness, fighting off his injuries, exhaustion, dehydration. Yemi continues, "You need to be patient, have faith that what I am telling you is the truth. Patience. And Eko, stay with the man who was once paralyzed, we'll need him too." Eko stares in disbelief.

Before he can regain his senses and say something, Locke and the rest of the group that were at the Pearl come bounding through the forest screaming for him. Eko looks around for Yemi one last time, but he's nowhere to be found. As he loses consciousness, Eko hears his brother's voice again, pleading... Help me, Eko....

Locke and Sayid rush over to him, and Sayid grabs Eko's wrist. "Is he alright?" Nikki asks. "Shh," Paolo retorts. Sayid says, "His pulse is acceptable, he'll regain consciousness in time." Locke searches the jungle around them for signs of whoever Eko had been yelling at. He frowns, and looks around the group. "We shouldn't wait here in the jungle when we can avoid it, no need to tempt what Eko was chasing to come back for us."

Locke's glance stops at Sayid. "The two of us can carry him until he comes to. Grab his other arm, we can let his feet hang for now," he says. Looking into the jungle once more, Locke grabs Eko's arm and says, "Let's go, before we're next."

I Do

(This is a Kate-centric, and her flashbacks obviously do not change. Neither do the events on Hydra Island, so I won't be mentioning them)

After about a mile, Eko regains consciousness and the group stops to check on him and take a break. "How do you feel?" Sayid asks. "What happened?" Locke inquires, obviously more concerned with that than Eko's health. Eko takes a gulp from the canteen Nikki had handed him, and says "I am fine, thank you. I can walk on my own from here."

A few minutes later, everyone is back on the move, with Eko now walking rather than being carried by Sayid and Locke. Sayid leads the way with a knife to clear brush, and Nikki and Paolo are behind him, quarreling about something.

Becoming annoyed by the couple, Sayid interrupts them. "So why are you here? I don't remember seeing much of you until recently. Why the decision to tag along?"

Nikki and Paolo look at each other and Paolo responds, "why don't you just keep clearing the path, okay?" Nikki slaps Paolo's hand for being rude and shoots him a look. Sayid turns around and smiles, enjoying the new found peace that comes along with Nikki's silent treatment.

In the back of the pack, Locke is hanging with Eko to make sure he's still alright....and to ask him a couple questions. "So, you run away in the middle of the night after your brother?"

Eko takes a look at Locke and then back forward. "Do you believe that?" he asks curiously.

Locke responds, "In our first week here, I came across Jack running through the jungle, much like you were, and he told me he was following his dead father. Yes, Eko, I do believe you." Eko stops walking and Locke follows suit. Locke smiles, but Eko seems to barely even hear him.....the paralyzed man...who could it be?

Locke continues, "that's not quite how I expected you to react to that."

Several seconds tick by before Eko snaps back to reality. Cracking a forced smile, Eko replies "I am glad to hear that you believe me."

Ever-curious, Locke continues the inquisition. "Is that what happened when you ran off from The Pearl? Were you chasing Yemi then too?" he asks. "Did you brother say anything to you?".

Eko, not typically a man of secrets but doing surprisingly well so far, replies, "I chased my brother into the jungle. It was there I gave him my confession and he gave me penance."

"Your confession?" Locke says, notably disappointed by the notion that the Island cared about such things. "Is that all that happened out there?" Locke says, expecting a different answer to the same question.

Eko, pondering the situation for some time, finally looks up at John and decides to take a chance. He says, "John, do you want to know a secret?"

As he is saying this, Eko notices an odd shadow on the ground below him and looks up in reaction. Recognizing what the object casting the strange shadow was, he dives just out of the way of a falling tree branch. Locke, shocked, steps back and looks down at Eko.

Initially seeing Eko, Locke's eye is now drawn toward the thing that fell down from above. He doesn't even notice whether or not Eko said something. On the ground next to them was Eko's prayer stick, an object oozing with the irony of bearing bible verses and blood stains.

"Yes, I'm fine," Eko says, following Locke's gaze towards the stick. Once he realizes what it is, Eko smiles and closes his eyes briefly, chuckling under his breath.

"That's some luck Eko. I'm surprised that survived the hatch implosion," Locke says playfully. "And talk about coincidence," he says, thickening the already molasses-dense sarcasm. "I mean, you finding that after chasing a ghost out into the jungle?..." Locke raises his eyebrows in mock surprise. Eko's smile growing larger, he replies, "Do not mistake coincidence for fate."

It doesn't take long for Locke to find another reason for them to stop moving.

As the sunlight comes through the tree branches, it hits the top of Eko's prayer stick. Locke notices a particular line of scripture that looks to have been carved slightly differently than the others. Intrigued, he gets Eko's attention. "Hey Eko..." he says, "Is that carving a message...for me?"

"What are you talking about, John?" Eko asks as he follows John's gaze. "That carving, right at the top, what does it mean?" Locke inquires again, becoming exponentially more uncomfortable with time.

Eko finds what Locke is looking at, trying to make sense of the strange, mislabeled, and incomplete bible verse. "John," he says, growing more confused as the seconds roll by, "I did not carve this."

At the top of Eko's stick, newly finished and glowing in the sunlight, are the words LIFT UP YOUR EYES AND LOOK NORTH JOHN 3:05.

As Eko finishes reading the ridiculous passage a second time, Sayid appears in front of them, glaring, and impatiently asks, "Is there any particular reason why we've stopped?".

Locke and Eko exchange glances briefly. There is a stark contrast between the expressions on their faces: one has a spark in his eye, the other is wearing a mixture of confusion and amazement. Locke looks over at Sayid, confidence beaming, and he says, "I know how we can find the Others."

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