Renaming the "Flash Sideways World" page - Community Vote

Jf518 June 30, 2010 User blog:Jf518

I don't mean to stir this pot again, but there was quite a discussion about it a few weeks ago that sort of amounted to nothing; we never made a decision. we're just going to vote about it, not debate (please!). There's plenty of places where this debate has taken place on talk pages [1], [2], [3], and [4]. There's also a post about it with 100+ comments.

So let's not discuss if further, just cast your vote. To make it more official, the voting will last for one week. At the end of Wednesday next week (12:00 Eastern Standard Time, July 8th) I'll tally the votes. If none of the options garner more than a third of the total votes, then I will create a new blog vote between the top two. That seems pretty fair to me without getting way too complicated.

Here's the ballot:

What should the page "Flash Sideways World" be called?

"LA X"
"Flash-Sideways World"

I was going to make a poll with the wiki code, but there's no way to limit everyone to a single vote that way, so just put your answer (only) in a comment.

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