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November 20, 2009
  • Jf518

    Quotes on character pages

    August 8, 2010 by Jf518

    Hello all, I've noticed that quotes are being added to character pages. Personally, I'm not opposed to that, but I think maybe there should be a better place to put them than just above the first block of text. There's a small discussion on the it on the Lostpedia:Ideas page, but I thought it would be beneficial to get input from a few more people. So....anybody have thoughts on the idea of adding quotes to character pages? Talk here or on the Ideas page!

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  • Jf518

    I don't mean to stir this pot again, but there was quite a discussion about it a few weeks ago that sort of amounted to nothing; we never made a decision. we're just going to vote about it, not debate (please!). There's plenty of places where this debate has taken place on talk pages [1], [2], [3], and [4]. There's also a post about it with 100+ comments.

    So let's not discuss if further, just cast your vote. To make it more official, the voting will last for one week. At the end of Wednesday next week (12:00 Eastern Standard Time, July 8th) I'll tally the votes. If none of the options garner more than a third of the total votes, then I will create a new blog vote between the top two. That seems pretty fair to me without getting wa…

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  • Jf518

    Hello all. This idea started with a good discussion in the comments of one of Djr7's Re-watch blogs, and over the past couple weeks I've been figuring out whether or not this venture is worth a shot. Unfortunately, I had some ideas, and another fan fiction was born. This story is a "what if" sort of thing in which Eko will not die in The Cost of Living. It will follow the episode numbers already in place. Each chapter will have a couple episodes in it, depending on how present Eko is in the storyline. For the most part, I'm not going to be featuring minor dialogue changes made by Eko's presence, unless they're really cool. Some episodes will be skipped over altogether, and others will be removed for an Eko-centric episode (I'm looking at yo…

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