• Jerinde

    Keeping score...

    May 25, 2009 by Jerinde

    So when flight 815 hit the ground, there were 48 middle section survivors, 22 tail section survivors, and the pilot who died less than a day in. The others kidnapped and presumably brainwashed 12 of the tail section survivors. Whether they are alive or dead is up in the air. The only other tail section survivor to make it past season 3 is Bernard, who, as of 2008, is probably dead of old age if not other causes (assuming the theories of time travel are wrong) Of the 48 middle section survivors only Rose, Locke, The Oceanic 6, Jin, Claire, Walt, Aaron, the Dog, and Sawyer seemed to survive the few days after Ben moved the island. So, the scenerios: Best case is that time travel happened and the others are all good guys like they say and wou…

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