After I watched last nights episode, I just had a few thoughts I wanted to get down before I lost them. I dont know if people have already said this or if I have a mistake, but you are all welcome to either correct me or bite me.

1) Locke's father being Anthony Cooper was confusing and dissappointing to say the least, and brought about a few questions.

2) Frank's supposed death was a dissappointment, not akin to Ilana's death, but it doesnt seem like the Island actually have any function for him. He had a meaningless death, even for Lost.

3) Sayid's death was great, mostly because of the sacrifice he made, but also because of the possible foreshadowing he said about Jack.

4) Sun and Jin are most definitely dead, which puts into question the whole killing issue.

a) The bomb would not have killed anybody if Sawyer had not mention it, firstly.

b) Secondly, an accident, like the bomb, can kill anybody, even candidates, like 'Kwon'.

c) The Man in Black has some knowledge of when the candidates die and this puts into question the fact that perhaps he has no intention of leaving in the conventional sense, but killing the candidates and leaving in a proverbial sense.

5) Lastly, Terry O' Quinn's acting was again brilliant, in both timelines, when he talked about paralyzing Cooper with the plane crash, I almost felt myself reaching for the napkins (not literally, but helluva good portrayal) and with the evil intention to go finish what he started and killing people with the gun, he looked intense. Just for his acting, I am hoping that he gets his way because I would like to see what he would look like when he wins.

Comments???? Concerns?????

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