I have been reading alot of blogs and many people think that Jacob's story is completely illogical and that MiB will succeed in whatever he wants to do. The only thing I can say to respond to that is that there is absolutely no way in hell that MiB will win because in today's television society, how many shows have we seen where the ultimate bad guy wins? There is no way that the producers, writers and directors of Lost will build a show for six years and then portray a negative message with the bad guy getting what he wants, which by deduction, can only happen with MiB destroying and killing everyone that is against him. Even though Sayid and Jin and Sun and a sleu of other characters have died (perhaps Richard), Jack and Hurley and Kate will not die and they will find a way to beat MIB. I am sorry for all those who consider this to be a spoiler, but it is inevitable, and it is only logical. I cant remember the last time I watched a show for six years and none of the good guys got what they wanted. I mean Jack Bauer has won every single time, and come back from the dead, and taken out presidents, and killed a whole entourage of terrorists. In Prison Break, no matter what happened, Michael always somehow found a way to come out ahead. (By the way, Prison Break was a very well written show, and his successes were completely believable, so that I dont consider to be bad, but just reinforcing of my point) There are numberous other shows, but altogether, MIB will not win, I just cant possibly see it happening which is saddening to me because I really do go for the bad guy, the best actor, and the most intelligent character. (All MiB)

P.S -- I also realized one thing when watching the new episode, when Ben asked Widmore for the walkie talkie's, he gave one to Miles and he said, "In case I need you for something again" (or something to that effect), which spoke, to me, two things: 1) Somehow Ben knew he was going to be alive long enough to need him, and 2) wasnt it alot more convenient to say "In case you need help or you wanna meet up later for some Island Olympics or In case you are on the verge of dying maybe I can help you". It was just very weird dialogue, even for Lost and I think Miles will be the key to killing MiB.

Last thing, I really hope Titus Welliver makes another appearance, because his portrayal is incredible, but even if it isn't, I liked the way his acting was in "Across the Sea".

Thoughts, Comments????

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