So does anybody have any theories on the next episode, it looks very intriguing. Without falling victim to the spoiler policy, the preview that they showed after Hugo's episode last week seemed very intoxicating and awesome, just like all the episodes in this season have been. The remaining centrics arent holding up because there is no evidence that a Widmore episode or a Christian episode is forthcoming. Personally, by my calculations, there are four full episodes left before the two-hour season finale, which seems like will focus on all the characters and not one major centric, kind of like LA X but a helleva lot better. Thats why I think the remaining four will be Jack, Locke, Desmond, and the Man in Black; in that order. Those four stories seem like they would have the most to contribute to the answers we need and also the Flash Sideways looks to be lined up so that Jack and Locke contribute to it a bit more and then Desmond comes along and sums it all up. Also, Jack and Locke have been pretty much the most important characters and in all likelihood the leaders of the opposing faction, and Desmond just seems to have all the answers. The Man in Black's will be like Richards was and we will find out all about his history with Jacob and with the island. That should make for a very spectacular season finale, and hopefully a nice summation of the series. Thoughts; Comments???

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