Ok, so I havent really been around Lospedia since the finale aired and I havent read much of the posts or posted much since I watched the finale, but I just wanted to get some thoughts down, so here goes. Please bear along if I repeat alot of the stuff or if you disagree with any of my logic.

Firstly, I liked the finale as a whole, but as always it was dissappointing. From what I understand, the FST was the purgatory and it took place after all the characters integral on the island died, and they came together so they could help each other pass onto the next phase, whether it be hell or heaven. I really thought that some people's explanation wasn't really valid, like Sayid and Shannon, and it was really sad that Locke's life-shattering moment was being able to walk on the island and not being with Helen, to me that was dissappointing, because what kind of person would take getting out of a wheelchair and hunting boars on some godforsaken islamnd over the love of your life, but nonetheless. Also, I realized that all the mythological and unexplained answers were there for two reasons, to highten the intrigue of the audience, and to fill all the time slot purchased for the show. Everything that people get mad about, that we didnt get explanations were never meant to be answered but were only meant to relate to the central characters, the people in the church, and just make the show mysterious. The entire purpose of Across the Sea was to establish the origin of the donkey wheel so we could understand the future references, and to show the MiB turning into the Smoke Monster so that the audience could understand how much hate the MiB had for Jacob and all the people on the island, and also understand why he wants to leave. The entire reason for Ab Aeterno was the one conversation Richard had with Jacob where he becomes his intermediary to the people Jacob brought to the island, so that all the episodes prior in which Richard calls on Jacobs name to do a task, the audience can understand where that came from. It was not important who built the Statue of Taweret or how the electromanetic energy results in time travel because it did not further develop anything within the central characters. As a side note, I did not understand why Hurley had to stay on the island to "protect the island" (according to Jack) because I think that the Smoke Monster died when Kate shot him and Jack threw him off the ledge. My theory is that the smoke monster only existed after the MiB was thrown into the source, not before, and not after he was killed by Desmond removing the cork from the light, so the only remaining reason for Hurley and Ben to stay to protect the island is from the people they would later bring to the island, like Jacob said, he brought flawed people and maybe one of those flawed people would become like the MiB and try to access the source and turn evil, but I digress. Finally, that answers I think all of the mysteries of the show, at least for me it does. I was sad to see the MiB die (see earlier post), even though I knew it would and had to happen, and Sawyer and Juliet's reconciliation and "seeing" moment was the coolest. Comments, Questions???????

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