Watching "Across the Sea" I had a few thoughts. These arent in any particualr order, but ...

1) The accents of Jacob and Man in Black are still confusing to me.

2) The Man in Black actually does not have a name.

3) I was glad their backstory did not involve any time traveling dogs or fat Hurleys.

4) There was still no explanation of how the island gave Jacob's and The Man in Black's fake mother the power to do all that she did.

5) Apparently, Jacob drinking the wine makes him the protector of the island.

6) The Man in Black's home is just away from the island, not some cool place, probably Spain or Portugal maybe.

7) The reason that the Man in Black gives for wanting to leave the island seemed a bit too perfect, from the writers perspective, I mean, it was an "apparition" of his "supposed" mother that told him all that stuff.

8) Jacob's fake mothers death was so transparent when she told Jacob to get the firewood, you could just see Titus Welliver coming to take her out. Also, why could she die but give immortality to her fake sons?

9) The "light" of the island turning the Man in Black into the Smoke Monster was freaking awesome, I dont know why.

10) Titus Welliver said twice that he had lived with the other people for 30 years and by the qualities of twins, Jacob must have been 43 and still living with his mother, that is kind of creepy and gay.

11) Adam and Eve are the Man in Black's body and his mother, that is awesome, I always thought it had something to do with the Man in Black.

12) My timeline may be off, but I think that even after Jacob put the Man in Black's body in the Adam and Eve cave, he could still take that form because the Black Rock arrived afterwards.

13) This is not a spoiler by any means, but The Doors "The End" playing at the end credits of the episode was so great, it really put the entire final season and and final new episode before series finale and upcoming series finale in perspective.

14) Lastly, the episode was cool as hell, and Titus Welliver's acting was off the charts and any episode that has him is all good with me.

More to come later if people like it and raise interesting questions.

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