• JensBentham

    A theory to cover it all

    February 23, 2010 by JensBentham

    So I got this theory. It's quite long so I hope you can stay with me, it's worth it. I'm gonna start by goign thru the complete story we were presented from the MiB's point of view.

    The MiB wanted to find a loophole in order to kill Jacob for a very long time. The scene in which we see the two of them talk implies that MiB has been trying to find a loophole for some time already, there seems to be a deep grudge between them and they both seem to be sick of it. Interesting about this scene is: Jacob brings people to the island again and MiB instantly starts talking about the loophole. Subtext could be "You keep doing that and sooner or later im going to find someone among those you bring here whos gonna kill you for me" (stay tuned for more a…

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