So I was reading a post about whether or not Mother is a smoke monster and something came to me..

Job Application - Glowy Hole Guardian

Mother Industries are currently looking for a security operative to join their Glowy Hole Management Team. The successful candidate should be goal-orientated, able to operate in a dynamic, fast-changing workplace, and be content to sit for all eternity, guarding a magical gewgaw for reasons they don't really understand and are never fully explained to them.

Candidate A:

Previous Experience: Hunting Boar, Using a Loom, Limited other relevant work of life experience due to having spent most of early life in a cave with his mother.

Interests: Bringing people to the Glowy Hole site, mostly for fun, hiding in a giant shoe, leaving the Glowy Hole site on a regular basis to touch children (and adults, and Hurley).

Special Skills: Punching people in the face.

Candidate B

Previous Experience: 30 years manual labour (well-digging), Diploma in advanced Glowy Hole engineering, Deep, first-hand experience in the evil that men do.

Interests: Killing Outsiders, Smashing Outsiders, Tourism.

Special Skills: Able to take on the guises of the dead, Able to transform into a 30-foot pillar of black smoke with an unrivalled ability to smash those who approach the Glowy Hole site, Excels in the fields of killing and smashing people who go near the Glowy Hole.

My basic point is this - MiB (whether he knows it or not) IS Mother's replacement. When she realised everything had gone a bit wrong, instead of giving up and making Jacob her replacement (who was always a bit too naive) she engineered a turn of events that would guarantee that MiB was forced to take her place.

This explains: - Why MiB can't leave the island (the Guardian never can) - How Mother killed all those people (she was a smoke monster too) - Why Jacob is so rubbish at being the Guardian (bringing people to the island for shiggles)

2 further related points to digest (cba to write them up in full).

- The guardian is always the same, the only thing that changes is the human form (same Smokey, different face. Mother -> MiB -> Locke)

- The reason there were so many candidates and so many were crossed out? Jacob has been stopping them from becoming candidates himself, on purpose, as he doesn't want his brother to be replaced (for some reason. Not 100% on this one, it has a lot of holes, but makes a lot of sense in some other ways).

Anyway, tell me what you think!

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