Smokey (ie. MIB) is clearly lighter colored in S6. It looks more like white smoke or gray smoke to me. Has anybody else noticed this? This has bothered me since Smokey first made his appearance at the beginning of S6 when he showed up in Jacob's "foothouse" and killed Bram et al.

The smoke monster was clearly not the dark black color that we are used to seeing on the island/around the temple/black rock/etc... So, either (1) this is something that is supposed to go unnoticed but is a big clue, or (2) it is just bad CGI.


Original Black Smokey we know and love from previous 5 seasons (unaltered)

Let's address number 2 first. Let's assume that it is just bad CGI (not a first for Lost). I happen to work in visual effects and compositing and I know for a fact that it would have been VERY EASY for the people who do the VFX for Lost to darken the smoke monster in both "LA X pt. 1 and 2" and in "The Substitute". So why didn't they? The only possibilities that I can think of are either (a) they couldn't get the contrast to look right so they had to "lighten" the smoke to make it more visible in the dark lighting and give it more texture or (b) they were told to make it look more white/gray for some reason.

I even took a screenshot of Smokey in Jacob's foothouse, brought it into Photoshop, and quickly darkened it to look more like the original Black Smoke Monster we are used to from the previous 5 seasons. I didn't do a great job, but you get the picture. There is definitely a difference in contrast here:

Okay, now for number 1. My theory is that the MIB is actually a white smoke monster, and not the black smoke monster we have seen from the beginning. If it is correct that the MIB was being held or "trapped" in the cabin until the ash broke, and if it is true that the ash wasn't broken until recently (end of S5) then this would explain why the black smoke monster has still been able to go around the island terrorizing and causing trouble. Now that the MIB is out, he shows up as a whitish-gray smoke monster. This also seemed evident based on the reflections of the monster in the Dharma house window during "The Substitute."


White Smokey in the dark (unaltered from original)


How it should've looked? (poorly Photoshopped altered version)

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