• Jemron

    Smokey (ie. MIB) is clearly lighter colored in S6. It looks more like white smoke or gray smoke to me. Has anybody else noticed this? This has bothered me since Smokey first made his appearance at the beginning of S6 when he showed up in Jacob's "foothouse" and killed Bram et al.

    The smoke monster was clearly not the dark black color that we are used to seeing on the island/around the temple/black rock/etc... So, either (1) this is something that is supposed to go unnoticed but is a big clue, or (2) it is just bad CGI.

    Let's address number 2 first. Let's assume that it is just bad CGI (not a first for Lost). I happen to work in visual effects and compositing and I know for a fact that it would have been VERY EASY for the people who do …

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