Widmore's Painting-I think it's worth discussing

ok so this is what transpired on another post and as I thought about it I felt this topic merited it's own blog:

Pharmacyman 16:59, April 7, 2010 Did anyone else notice that in Widmore's office in the sideways universe there is a painting in the background of a scale with a pile of black rocks on one side, and a pile of white rocks on the other? Any thoughts?

Jellebean 18:03, April 7, 2010 edit 

were those rocks??? the one side looked golden and sybolized like money/wealth/the world idk. but i do think it's interesting that it replaced the picture w the polar bear tha twas doen inteh same style, which tells me both were painted by the same artist-not that we'll ever get to know that artist, but it just proves that htere are so many things that have changed w/ out either jacob's/the island's influence on things.

Personally I don't think they were rocks b/c like the polar bear it would directly tie to the island itself which in this timeline doesnt exist

any thoughts losties???

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