So ever since Benjamin Linus (even as Henry Gale) came on the scene I've loved his character and the actor Michael Emerson. So he is a character that (perhaps at this point is not a central neccesity to the outcome of the show like say Desmond or Widmore or Jack, or Flocke) I have always paid close attention to and pondered often. So why wasn't Alex enough for him to connect the two worlds. She was his BIGGEST tie to the island and some of his most intense moments included her in someway. Do you think Juliet will then trigger things for him? It may all be love/constant related but Des and Charlie didn't see their true loves first, and I think since Locke is w Helen in the FST it will take one of those near death moments for him to connect. I think he may come into contact with Widmore for things to be triggered. Since love didn't seem to work. Your thoughts anyone

Also since this is all the same topic, going with our annoying lil love triange who out of Kate, Juliet, Sawyer and Jack do you think will need to see/interact with one another to connect?????????

Also do you think maybe only people who have died on the island can connect/bring abotu connections like Charlie and Libby??? (although Alex died on the island-yet another reason to consider that she would've helped Ben crossover or whatever it actually is that happens.)

I think Des is of course the exception to the rule though, oh and so is Eloise I'm getting off the direct topic which was Ben, but still here it is.

Any comments??? I'd appreciate a lively discussion :)

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