Hello my username is Jellebean, and I'm a spoilerholic. I've been spoiler-free for three seasons now, and not just with LOST with everything. Lost ended my spoiler addiction. It became less and less fun to know ahead so I stopped seeking spoilers, it started with LOST and then slowly everything else. And though my spoiler addiction had ended it was never, and can never be fully cured. Every now and again I would get the old itch and it was manageable, I would focus on something else until the next episode came out and then I'd be ok. Hiatuses and season breaks were the worst, but like I said it was always manageable.

Unfortunately now with only 5 hours left that itch is nearly unbearable. I need to have the answers and I need to know how it ends. I figured if I made it through last week till now I'd be fine, but the pain of not knowing has not subsided.

That is why I have decided to blog together a support group. I don't think I'm the only dry-spoilerholic out there and I think that if we all can support each other and remind ourselves why we stopped spoiling ourselves to begin with we just might make it through this.

Thank you, namaste and good luck.

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