So I was thinking about the pearl and swan videos and it occurred to me:

What if, the last 6 years of our lives have been nothing more than a huge massive worldwide psychological experiment. The last hour of the show will be Dr. Marvin Candle explaining the mysteries and why the experiement was put in place to begin with...

Wait wait wait Darlton wouldn't do that to us right???


OMG I'm losing my faith in Darlton and LOST and the very fabric of my being, or @ least the being I've become after 6 years of obsession

I can't really be losing it though, I mean there's a purpose to all of this right? There has to be you know what this is???? This is cold feet, the big moment is coming and I'm just worried if all of my commitment has actually meant something....

Please someone, anyone help me get my self together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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