I dub thee: "Heyou"

Ok folks, we now know about MIB's crazy mom-and no I'm not talking about his adoptive mother, I'm talking about his off the rocker bilogical mom, Claudia who couldn't even come up w/ a second favorite name after Jacob (I can suspend disbelief for a lot-as my devotion to this show can attest to) but really still NO name. Therefore, since I don't think we'll ever get a name we should call him what everyone else called him: Hey you, or as I'll always refer to him as "Heyou". Why do I do this? for simplicity's and consitancy's sake. Flocke really only works when he's impersonating Locke, Smokie/The Smoke Monster really only works when he's a big column of strange sounding violent smoke, and the Man in Black/MIB really only holds significance to those of us who have at least read "The Gunslinger".

So who's with me?

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