So am I the only hoping/imagining that Charlie's death wasn't for nothing (well I know it wasn't for nothing, it helped get the people off the island)? I mean he did what he did because he believed that it would get Claire and Aaron off of the island in a helicopter. It has never happened. Was he just a patsy like John Locke whose faith lead to a meaningless existance and death, because he believed what someone told him? And now that Sun is dead will Charlie's ring ever end up with Claire/Aaron(last we saw it, she picked it up out of Aaron's jungle crib)?

I guess the answer is NO we'll NEVER see Claire and Aaron in a helicopter, unless (and this is my hopeful imagination here, as crazy as it may be) that maybe she'll give birth to Aaron @ the concert and for some reason have to be airlifted to a hospital.

I know it's far fetched, and I know it doesn't help clear up the BIG mysteries, but this kind of thing really makes me ponder the user Sean Sheep's prespective that the show has gone all Pro-faith, but I think that this show has displayed that faith can be wrong, and a lie.

I'd like to also point out though that IMO Darlton has been fantastic as displaying both sides of the coins (which may be differenet but are essentially all the same currency when it comes to story telling) religion/science & fate/free will & order/chaos & god/nothingness.

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