Calling out SeanSheep!!!-no drama just a question/theory

I keep thinking about one of your posts and I think I had a break through!!! Maybe....

it was about your post on time and space and how 2 things can't occupy the same time and space at the same time in the same place (sorry that was a little redundant-hope it makes sense) maybe the island is that place that is created to accomodate the extra people/things whatever that get in the way of eachother, not the timelines. those always exist. Does any of this make sense?????

I love your posts-they're so educational and I put this up on your talk page, but I never got a response, do you have any more insight into this topic both scientifically, and theologically. Oh yeah, and if you could provide a link to that post, I can't seem to find it to re-read things.

And to everyone else out there any opinions or theories would be welcome, I just needed to try and get SeanSheep's attention.

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