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December 24, 2009
  • Jellebean

    Just curious, I was thinking of all of the amzing healing properties of the island, but how rather selectice they were, when it came to who was healed and When. I thought of 3 specific instances, Locke, Ben and Juliet's sister. So was it the island or Jacob? Your thoughts?

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  • Jellebean

    Armageddoner! By Damon Lindelof

    A greedy, evil corporation has unwittingly created a natural disaster the likes of which the world has never seen. Protocols were ignored. Warnings were unheeded. And none of the damn eggheads in Washington can seem to come up with a way to stop millions of barrels of crude from pumping into the goddamned Gulf, threatening our Americanism!

    What we need, ladies and gentlemen, is experience. Experts who know their way around an OIL RIG. But not just any ROUGHNECKS. No. For this crazy plan to work, we'll need men who have experience with SPACE TRAVEL. Why?

    Because we're gonna reverse-ARMAGEDDON this shit and call it a sequel.

    FADE IN:

    We OPEN on Billy Bob. He doesn't need the cane anymore — maybe he has some kind of…

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  • Jellebean

    Thoughts anyone????? I really haven't the faintest idea why there'd be a space, unless LA is where they are in the FS (obviously they are physically in Los Angeles) and the OT losties are in "X" and there's a space between the timelines/worlds. I'm grasping here.

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  • Jellebean

    So am I the only hoping/imagining that Charlie's death wasn't for nothing (well I know it wasn't for nothing, it helped get the people off the island)? I mean he did what he did because he believed that it would get Claire and Aaron off of the island in a helicopter. It has never happened. Was he just a patsy like John Locke whose faith lead to a meaningless existance and death, because he believed what someone told him? And now that Sun is dead will Charlie's ring ever end up with Claire/Aaron(last we saw it, she picked it up out of Aaron's jungle crib)?

    I guess the answer is NO we'll NEVER see Claire and Aaron in a helicopter, unless (and this is my hopeful imagination here, as crazy as it may be) that maybe she'll give birth to Aaron @ t…

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  • Jellebean

    here's the link, it's easily google-able though

    these are the quotes that I think are most applicable to this blog's debate:

    Wired: Do you still see that as the central issue, man of faith versus man of science?

    Lindelof: The paradigm has shifted from that to, were we brought here for a very specific reason, and what is that reason? Locke is now the voice of a very large subset of the audience who believes that when Lost is all said and done, we will have wasted six years of our lives, that we were making it up as we went along, and that there’s really no purpose. And Jack is now saying, “the only thing I have left to cling to is that there’s got to be something really cool that’s going to happe…

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