The polling over at has concluded for the best non-premiere / non-finale episode of Lost so far. The results....

1. Ab Aeterno - 32.1%

2. The Constant - 31.0%

3. Flashes Before Your Eyes - 10.7%

4. The Shape of Things to Come - 7.1%

5. The Man Behind the Curtain (tied) - 6.0%

Walkabout (tied) - 6.0%

So what does this tell us?

-Well, we apparently are big fans of Desmond and Ben episodes, as 4 of the top 6 episodes were centric to them.

-It was extremely close for #1, as Ab Aterno and The Constant kept switching places for #1 throughout the polling

-Episodes with very specific, high-dramatic moments seemed to be an important part in earning a top spot. The Desmond/Penny call in The Constant, the Ben trying to bluff Keamy in denigrating Alex before Keamy shot here in The Shape of Things to Come, the amazing final scene in Walkabout with scenes of Locke screaming at being turned away at the walkabout interspliced with scenes of Locke first waking up after the crash with the ability to walk.

-Interesting that of the top 6, 2 of the epsisodes were ones that had essentially one continuous story throughout the episode, bookended only by very short on-island present-day scenes at the beginning and end of the episode. I believe this has only happened 3 times in the series, and 2 of them made the top (Ab Aeterno and Flashes Before Your Eyes).

Fun poll. I'll get a new one up soon. Any suggestions?

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