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    Everyone has their own list. What are your top 10 episodes? And why is your #1 episode #1? Counting two-parters as one episode. My list:

    1. Live Together, Die Alone

    2. The Constant

    3. Ab Aeterno

    4. The End

    5. Flashes Before Your Eyes

    6. Walkabout

    7. Through the Looking Glass

    8. Deus Ex Machina

    9. Jughead

    10. The Man Behind the Curtain

    Live Together, Die Alone, one of the most dramatic, character-driven, yet eventful episodes was - to me - Lost in all its perfection. You had new mysteries, answers to old mysteries (including one of the biggest of the show at the time), you had almost Desmond's entire background, you had new Dharma stuff, you had Others kidnapping Losties, and you had a major plot device blown up. What the episode included:


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    I do feel sorry for the fans out there who feel the finale fell short and feel "cheated" because more mysteries were not resolved. I feel sorry for them because I think they missed the whole point of the show.

    I felt it was clear from season 1 that this series was about the evolution of the characters first and foremost, and everything else was distant second. The finale brought closure to the story that was being told in a very clear and powerful way, a masterful job. And I say that as someone who is plenty comfortable criticizing the producers. They did get a little sloppy in the final year. They have admitted that they wanted to tell the story of Ilana, and had planned to reveal such minor mysteries as who was in the second outrigge…

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    Just to be clear - none of this theory is based on any hard evidence or even implication in the finale, just an idea I had to reconcile infant Aaron and Penny being in the chruch.

    Regarding Aaron and Penny, because those are the two people who don't seem to fit into the mix in the church. This group is together because, as Christian said, "the time [they spent with each other on the island] was the most important time in their lives." As we know, Penny was connect to Desmond, but didn't even spend a day on the island. I mean, if Penny is there just because Desmond is there, there should likely be some other loved ones there as well.

    My thought is that since we're talking about some sort of afterlife, traditional reality boundaries don't ap…

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    It seemed pretty straightforward to me, but obviously it wasn't for everybody. Just to be clear - thy did NOT die in the Oceanic 815 crash. It's not even a debate, as the producers have made that clear on a number of occasions. As far back as Season 1 and as recently as a month ago in a podcast they confirmed that the Losties did not die in the 815 crash and that they were indeed alive on the island (until they did die).

    But for those needing further evidence:

    -Christian telling Jack that it was all real

    -Christian telling Jack, and I quote: "the time you spent with these people was the most important time in your LIFE" - in your life, not in your afterlife

    -If they had all died in the original plane crash, they would have been all stranger…

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    I'm working on a project, and it involves addressing ALL of the unanswered questions from the series in a singular narrative. As we approach the end, we've learned that many questions will go unanswered. What I'd love to hear is what questions can you think of that haven't been answered, and if you have an idea what the answer could be, what is it? I'm looking at everything from the big (what was Ilana's backstory?) to the small (who was in the 2nd outrigger?).

    Obviously, we have 2.5 hours more of Lost to get questions answered (plus whatever is revealed on the DVD's), but while the lostpedia community is still here, I'd like to get your thoughts on this. Thanks!

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