I know that a lot of people has posted theories about what is going to happen on the final season of Lost. I believe that the final battle or final war will be between Jack and Locke. I think that Locke, the real John Locke will somehow come back to life and realize that he is not the special one.

Of all that Jacob 'touched' it is Jack that is the 'special one'; the 'chosen one' among the chosen ones. And this will enraged Locke, because it was been him; not Jack that has suffered for the island, Jack never cared for the island, he never wanted to be there,and wanted to leave at first chance he got. And Locke has done whatever the island asked him to do, he has even killed for the island, he was even 'died' for the island.

For all of Jack's faults, all he wanted was to get all the survivors back home safety. And this is not the case of John Locke. All Locke cares about is the island and himself. He did lead Boone to his death, there is no sugar coating that. He didn't not killed Noemi, he straight out murder her. And that is the difference between himself and Jack.

Jack believes that by destroying the energy that is at the Swan Hatch, all that has happen to them will not come to be. The Hatch is never built, there is no button to push and Oceanic 815 lands in Los Angeles as scheduled. He is even going to sacrifice his love for Kate for the safety of all the passengers on the plane.

It is this difference in their characters; where Jack cares for the survivors and Locke only caring about the island and himself; that will let Jack lead the losties; Kate, Sawyer, etc., against Locke and maybe some of the others in the final battle; whether Jack will do this in the name of Jacob and Locke in the name of the nemesis is yet to be seen. But in the end it will be Jack-the good guy vs John Locke the bad guy. Any thoughts?

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