Up to this point there have been lots of deaths of Lost characters, some I have agree with and some I have not.

I like the way Sayid died, it was a redemption act on his part, but I did not like the way that Jin and Sun died. After two seasons apart, their reunion was short and not sweet. I understand if the writers thought that them dying together was bittersweet, but to me it was lame. If the writers were going to kill of Jin and Sun it should of been more heroic, the way that Sayid died. Them drowning together was a waste, it was a cheap copy of how Charlie died, which was better because it was a heroic act of Charlie part and sad one as well.

If Richard is dead, then his death was also cheap. After his great episode 'Ab Aeterno' I thought that Richard was going to step up and play a big part in the battle against MIB, but the writers disappeared him after 'Everyone loves Hugo' and for him to show up for a few minutes in 'What They Died For' just long enough for MIB to send him flying off screen was a waste. If the writers were going to kill of Richard it should of been a lot better than this.

What do all of you think? Any Thoughts?

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